In order to guarantee perfect service to tourists during tourism, MILLENNIUM CITY PARK prepares omnibearing service items and facilities, which realizes considerate and careful service in no need of going out.

[Food]Besides snacks provided by Kaifeng night market in the Food Street, you also could enjoy archaize diet in Sunyang Zhengdian, which is one of 72 shops of Song Dynasty, and could hold more than 300 customers with famous-world unique dish and Kaifeng snacks.

[Accommodation]Official post, which is built in peaceful environment with three sides surrounded by water in accordance with standard of star hotel, with more than 20 standard rooms and suites equipped complete facilities, is a nice hotel for spending nights as well as a good place for experiencing deeply culture of Song Dynasty.

[Communication]MILLENNIUM CITY PARK sets imperial carriage, oxcart, sheep cart, Guchuan, bridal sedan chair and other ancient communication means, which are excellent choice for your walk.

[Tourist center]Tourist center is located in the south side of east gate, with its service involving tourism consultation, tourist’s complaints, guide service, packet custody, hiring things, searching on broadcast, lost and found, selling and providing propagandistic and popular scientific information. Additionally, it sets touch screen of computer for tourists to search tourism information.

[First-aid service]Zhao Taicheng Mansion in the west gate of MILLENNIUM CITY PARK sets first-aid station for medicare, which could offer salvage service of “archiater grade” when tourists get accident and ill.

[Special service]The garden has opened up tourism passage for special tourists like aged and disabled ones; tourist center holds wheel chair, baby carrier, crutch, children toy and umbrella for hire, each toilet in the garden sets special washrooms for disabled person.

[Public security]MILLENNIUM CITY PARK sets security department and police station of public bureau; if any disorder or personal threat, tourist could turn to security personnel of each gate or patrolling security personnel, or directly go to police station in east gate for help from policemen.

[Outside communication]Bus No.1 and No. 15 out of east gate of the garden directly go to bus station, railway station and Gulou Square; special line for tourism No. 20 directly goes to Tian Boyang Mansion, Dragon Pavilion, Xiang Guo Temple, Bao Gong Temple, Iron Tower, Yu Wang Platform and Yan Qing Taoist Temple etc.

[IC card telephone]There are 12 IC card telephones all over the garden.

[Inside service telephone]

Tourist center +86 371 25663633 SunYang Zhengdian +86 371 25663303 Posthouse +86 371 25663813

Police station +86 371 25664095 First-aid service +86 371 25668833 Ticket office +86 371 25664874